Nudient Cases 2020

“Nudient v3 for Iphone 12, a perfect fit, a story of success.

And just launched.”

As Apple fully busy delivering Iphone 12 in all version and sizes, so are Nudient with all new cases. The cases dubbed v3 is made also for Iphone 12, with Nudient Magnets and fully compatible with Apple Magsafe. Nudient is a young Swedish brand focusing on accessories for the smartphone markets, with a Scandinavian Touch. All v3 designed by yours truly, already featured in Macworld UK, Vouge and Forbes. And counting. 16 versions of Iphones, 7 colours, 2 Leather wallets. Explore more at
Exceeding all expectations…

Skeppshultcykeln 2020

“A Favourite amongst favourites, the appearance of a traditional bike, the power of electricity, the character of Småland.”

I been longing to tell you about this one. Let me introduce a bicycle from Swedish bicycle brand Skeppshult, a bicycle signed Jesper Ståhl. I was approached by Skeppshult to design a high end electric bicycle, based on the DNA of Skeppshult. A kind of archetype of a Scandinavian bicycle, but full of understated personality and character. Note the matt green/grey colour, the copper details, the decals creating a line cutting through the geometry, the leather saddle with copper rivets, metal fenders etc. The appearance of a traditional bike, the power of electricity, the character of Småland. Furthermore I prefer having a bag in front of me, not behind. Details that wears beautiful with time. And on an electric bike I want high power output. It is all there, but nothing you don't really need. - "Favorit El edition Jesper Ståhl", designed to be used. By Skeppshult. A good match, a great beginning. ⠀

In the words of Skeppshult themselves: “Sometimes we can not help but do something all in (this is when you, like us, have an entire factory ourselves, where we can test and work). We asked Jesper Ståhl, a multi-award winning designer, to design his version of “Favorit El”. Definitely a favourite among all our Favourites! Equipped with only the best parts. Shimano top-of-the-line drive package, disc brakes both rear and front, saddle and handle from Brooks. Also check all the details (including the bell). The favourite of favourites.”

Svensk Form 2020

“Design S Nominee for Domino. Thank you Svensk Form!"

Let's celebrates! We are nominated for a Design Award 2020 - Design S, Swedish Design Awards by Svensk Form, The Swedish Society of Crafts and Design. The bi-annual design award celebrates design in a number of categories, and “Domino” launched earlier this year for Byarums Bruk, we have been nominated as one out of four for the Aluminium Prize. Thank you.

Domino is an outdoor Table and bench in wood and sand cast aluminium. A piece of furniture that allows for playful and flexible setups in the public space. Byarums bruk is a company focusing on products that stands the test of time. Made in Byarum Sweden.
Design S – Swedish Design Awards is Sweden’s biggest and most comprehensive design award, backed by the entire design industry. The award is aimed at professional designers, architects, individual specialists, producers and companies that work with design in a broad sense.The award is organised by Svensk Form. The winner will be announced December 2020.

Lystra 2020
“The golden proportions, curvature surface design solidified in cast aluminium. Linear and accent lighting. Design worthy the runway.”

When designing Runway, we took an holistic approach, starting from the effect of lighting by creating a family of both linear lighting - creating general light, and spotlights - creating accent lighting. Tying it all together with the golden proportions, curvatures and connectivity. Design worthy the attention of a fashion runway. 

The golden proportion has long been used by architects, designers and artists alike. It is all about the use of well proportioned parts, all relating to one another according the mathematics of the golden section. Creating rhythm and balance. We used this in creating sizes, shapes and parts, also introducing a generous concave curvature, softly blending the form from one end to another. Curvatures are not one set radius, but rather a continuous change of form, creating a soft form transition.

We are indeed talking about cylindrical spotlights and housing for linear lighting with end-caps, but we designed it with the attention to details of an artist, choreographed like the work of a fashion set designer. And, yes, we also added technology in making each unit communicate wireless to each other and dubbed it Runway Connect, because we believe communication is the next big thing in lighting solutions.

Nudient Cases

“The most precise Iphone cases available.
Thin, tactile & minimalistic. Subtle & bold colours.
The case I been looking for myself.”

Iphone cases for Nudient. It started 6 month ago, a phone call asking for advice, that soon became so much more. Maybe it actually started some 30 years ago as I bought my first Mac computer. I was studying engineering and got this fantastic tool with which I could express myself, combine my interest in photography, typography, design, art and computers. Tickling my creativity. Since then Apple has a special place for my. When Apple much later launched iPhone, of course I bought the very first edition.

Back to that initial question in december, from the team behind the brand Nudient. Since then we have been working closely to create the most thin and precise design, adding features as an inside felt, integrated magnets, at the same time reducing clutter, keeping the case minimalistic. Defining matching colors, a tactile matte texture etc - working closely with production in order to get the result we wanted. I have been defining the 3d design in full detail, I created the product images, all with a relentless focus on the result. Focusing on the essential. It has been a true collaboration between the brand, producers and myself. Explore the result , not to forget the accessory wallet that neatly find its place on the back.

Each phone comes with a hidden inside message, something only to been seen by the owner. Sometimes design, and life, is about your own satisfaction of knowing what is inside, not necessarily visible to everyone. Focus on the essential. Do good. Go further.

Design House Stockholm
"Fusing the work and art of Karin & Carl Larsson, with contemporary design. Without the products..."

I don't do films. But I love making stories. Design is about making stories, and as I got challenged to fuse old and new, heritage and contemporary. I could not resist. My design work became a part of the ”Color Accent” project by Design House Stockholm including the Flip Table and the Wick Chair. I created images fusing the work and art of Karin and Carl Larsson with the work of 8 contemporary designer creating the different settings. It became an exhibition, it became a launch event. And yes - it became a 5 minutes film.

See the short film below, about the film… This is from the Swedish National Museum the 3rd of February 2020, the Design House Stockholm launch of Color Accent, Karin & Carl Larsson. Hosted by Li Pamp including an interview with me, and the second half is the very film (5 min) in itself.

Technically curious? The film is all digitally made, I have modelled the objects in 3d in Autodesk Alias, made the visualisations and animations in Keyshot, edited in Adobe Photoshop, And put it all together in Adobe Premiere Pro. Music by ANBR. The art images kindly supplied by The Carl Larsson Estate Sundborn.

”The name Anno is significant, we aimed for a classic design but we did not want to state a specific time period. After all, being classic is subjective. Anno with no specific year - is timeless.”

Anno took two years from the identified need and the first sketch, via visualisations, models, material research and selection, detail design, engineering, sourcing of details, adaptions for production, photography and documentation to day of launch. Designing a bathroom is very much a cooperation between the designers vision, production efficiency and the identified market need. Top that with a focused market communication and you get the need for coordination and close collaboration.

Jesper and Vedum has been working together for 12 years, creating long term classics along with award winning concepts in for example Flow, Day, Mezzo, Free and Art. Anno was launched February 2020. A great start of yet another chapter.

We made a film to tell the story, see below. In Swedish.
There is also a dedicated website for this project, check it out at

Byarums Bruk
”Like the game, Domino enables playfulness to experiment with configurations.”

Domino is a game of how to place rectangular shaped pieces one by one, side by side, or at an angle. From now on, Domino is also a table and bench from Byarums Bruk. Designed for outdoor use, cast in recycled aluminium.  Like the game, the bench creates lots of opportunities for creativity in  composition. Designed for the traditional and very important Swedish ”Fika” break.

Byarums Bruk is renowned for creating timeless design that stands the test of time. Domino is the forth project made together with Jesper. In their collection you do also find the bench Waterloo, the waste bin Monolit and the smaller waste bin Minior.

”Ii is all about the magic proportions of the A format such as A4. A nod to the award winning No. 216 from ten years ago.”

Ten years ago I designed a cupboard called No. 216. A green piece of furniture with a story of the A-format, where each size from A0 to A8 is half the size of the previous one. The mathematics of the square root of 2. Poetic and practical, it is also the perfect proportions behind the paper formats. It was time to revisit this line of thought, so I  designed a smaller, more practical size of the sideboard. More playful in the composition of each A-size of door, drawer or open space. Adding a marble top and a new updated softer colour. Still green of course.

Konsthantverk Tyringe
”A Megaphone amplifies sound. Likewise, Megafon amplifies the quality of raw brass and the craftsmanship.”

Raw brass. Sound great, doesn't it. Lighting is a bit like sound. Sound that you sometimes want to control, direct, amplify. A strong metaphor for sound is the megaphone. With the lighting series Megafon (Swedish for megaphone), designer Jesper Ståhl wanted to create a megaphone for light. A visual reference that feels familiar but in a new context. Megafon gives the light a direction, it amplifies the quality of the raw brass and the craftsmanship. A loud statement - but  completely silent. Megafon is available as a single pendulum, set at a fixed angle, or an entire symphony of a number of megaphones in a ring.

Vedum / Jespers home
”“I see the warm dense forest, backlit by en evening sun over the haze of a still lake.”

It is a kind of personal project, creating a kitchen for one self. In my case, I live in a sixties house with large windows and floor heating, carefully renovated bit by bit during the ten years it has been ours. When it finally was time to do the kitchen, I wanted to make a matching kitchen to the story of the house and of myself. And of course, I gave it a project name, “Djupa Småland”, which roughly translates to “in the deep forest of Small land”, being the area of my origin. When I for my inner eye visualise Småland, I see the warm dense forest, backlit by en evening sun over the haze of a still lake. Sharp contrast, pale colours alongside monochromatic coloured stones. Blond wood, and soft ripples of a water on the stones, and the scent of a misty morning. That is exactly the kind of kitchen I aimed for.

I considered the work flow of cooking, the social aspect of a kitchen of today, and the blending between the work area and the dining area - made by interweaving wood, colours and stone, creating and angular edge on floor and even up on the cupboard drawers, blending the two areas together. Kind of like the tree line of a Småland forest. And my long time friends at Vedum was the brand to supply the parts and solutions needed. Thank you.

Design House Stockholm
“Wick chair in four layers of hand rubbed colour, in order to keep the wood texture, makes a limited edition Wick”

The well celebrated Wick chair is designed jointly by me and Karl Malmvall. It is now updated with colours! As a part of the “Color Accent by Design House Stockholm”, Wick can be ordered for a limited time in a number of colours, personally picked from the work of the Swedish Artists from a hundred years ago, Karin & Carl Larsson. Unveiled at an event at the National Museum of Sweden in February 2020, you now have the possibility to order a special version of the Wick chair. Four layers of colour and lacquer, each one rubbed in by hand to achieve the special effect of worn colour on wood, in full saturation! Red, Blue, grey, green. Sundborn edition.

FREE 500
”Free, the bathroom family with so much flexibilty. Straight lines, soft corners, a free form sweeping bowl.”

We are adding flexibility and choice to the successful Free family of bathroom design for Vedum. Free is a range of basins and storage that have a distinct design featuring straight lines and soft corners transforming to an organic basin. A strong focus on functionality and flexibility of choice. Free, now in a new smaller size, a perfect choice for the smaller room in the house. To be more precise, 500 is 515 mm wide basin on 500 mm storage.

Lystra 2019
”Extra small, extra power, extra everything. This completes all three families to three sizes”

The very focus of Lystra is to create spotlights and to offer great lighting quality. We now have three families of product each with its story. For 2019/2020, we have added a new size in each of the families. An extra small footprint, an extra small physical size. In order to use the extraordinary quality of Lystra in even more places and settings. One of this is "Mocca", a spotlight inspired by the ear of a coffee cup (ses the film below). And for Mocca we also got awarded as the winner of Design S - Swedish Design Awards by Svensk Form.

The future is XS. The future is made in Sweden.

Plaza Magazine
”The best design of the year: Flip by Jesper Ståhl for Design House Stockholm."
Thank you!

Winner - best the design of the year 2019. Flip Table by Jesper Ståhl for Design House Stockholm is awarded best design of the year 2019 by Plaza - with the motivation as follows: “Flip Table is in many ways the perfect table. It is not one table, but three. Depending on how you use the 14 hinges, it can be a dining table, a desk or a sideboard - all with different characteristics. A table to live with for a long time! "

Launched at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2019, Flip Table already got a fair share of attention. Three sizes in one; A small sideboard, a work desk or a full size Dinner table. Just flip it!

Monthly IX Design Masterpiece 2019
”18 pages, my most extensive portrait ever. Ín Korean"

The title Masterpiece. If that is not something than what is? My most extensive designer portrait so far.

I got a magazine from South Korea, The Monthly IX Design Magazine. Towards the end of the magazine I found the most extensive article about my work ranging over 18 (!) pages. Fantastic. Then I realized that in Korean, you read starting from the other end… the article was not last, but first. Thank you Ms Sung. What the written words say however, I have no idea, but it is also found at their website;

Smålands och Ölands gastronomiska Akademi

”For his ability to create unique everyday products.”

Hurray from England to Smaland. I won the category "Food & Design" from the Smålands and Ölands Gastronomic Academy 2018. This was unexpectedly fun, not least for my son Aron who received the award in my name when I happened to be in London. Thank you Aron for a great "thank you" speech which echoed all the way to Heathrow Airport...

Elle Decoration Design Award of 2018

”Winner best bathroom of the year: Mezzo for Vedum by Jesper.”

Short message: We won. :)