β€œTo be bold is to dare. Dare to be you.”

Introducing Bold. An all new take on a phone case. In 100% recycled plastic. In silicone for protection. A bolder expression. For this project we started from a blank page full of opportunities, we started from a word: Bold. We wanted to create a bolder case, in thickness enabling more protection, in form to allow for a more expressive and personal design and colour range fit for the bold ones. And also a bolder take on environmental issue, by using 100% recycled plastic and easily recyclable packaging. On top of all this the challenge was to keep and evolve the Scandinavian dna of Nudient. Subtle and bold, expressive and personal all the same time. After 8 months of focused work from concept and material experiments to precise form-definition of the range of phones, refined for the perfect fit, samples, colour matching, tooling and refinements, the result is Bold. Designed with care in every detail.

Made to protect what is precious. Created with precision, formed by passion. A passion for personal style and the belief in the power of accessories. Show off your bold self. To be bold is to dare. Dare to be you.
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Launch animation of the Bold concept by talented Jesper Lindborg.

Launch video in collaboration with Omar Rudberg. Ps. Listen closely and you hear my voice... Saying?

Bold for Iphone 13 - Designed July 2021, tooling August, start production September, launched by Apple September, Available October. That's how it is done...

The news just reached us that we will be awarded with a Red Dot Design Award as the winner 2022 for industrial design...