Designer etc.
Born 1969.
Nationality Swedish.

Curriculum Vitae
Master of Design at the Royal College of Art, London 1994
Diploma of Imperial College of Science, Medicine and Technology 1994
Bachelor of Science in Innovation Engineering, Halmstad 1991

Swedish designer Jesper Ståhl is well known for his distinct Scandinavian design, object embedding story. You can note his meticulous attention to details and care for the user in the creative process, and a personal twist in the result. His work spans from furniture and lighting to cutlery, tools and accessories, products created to be used. 

Jesper Ståhl has a Masters degree from Royal College of Art London and has received numerous of awards including the Red Dot Design Award, three times winner of Elle Decoration Design Award, Swecast, Designplus and Design S - Swedish Design Award winner. His understanding and curiosity in technology, excellence in execution along with his clear visual sensitivity is his hallmark. 

Designer Jesper Ståhl är erkänd för sin typiska skandinaviska design, formgivna med en tydlig tanke och en egen berättelse. I hans kreativa process blir hans omsorg om detaljer tydlig, hans fokus på användaren viktig, som skapar produkter med hans personliga signum. Jespers portfolio innehåller allt från möbler och belysning, till köksredskap och verktyg, produkter skapade för att användas.

Jesper Ståhl blandar sin småländska bakgrund med en Masters examen från Royal College of Art i London, och han har mottagit både nationella och internationella utmärkelser och uppmärksamhet, som Red Dot Design Award, tre gånger vinnare i Elle Decoration Design Awards, Swecast, Designplus, och från Svensk Form; vinnare av Design S. Hans förståelse för och nyfikenhet på teknologi, hans envishet att nå relevanta resultat tillsammans med hans tydliga visuella formspråk, är det som utmärker hans arbete.

Design is ... and ...
But without that gut feeling,
it is nothing.

Winner of Red Dot Design Award 2022: Industrial Design. Project Bold for Nudient.
Nominated for Design S 2020: The Aluminium Prize. By Svensk Form.
Winner 2019: Best design of the year, best table design. By Plaza Interiör Magazine September 2019.
Winner of "Design S 2018: Lighting product" by Svensk Form
Winner of "Food & Design" 2018 by "Smålands & Ölands Gastronomiska Akademi"
Winner of the Best Bathroom Design by Elle Decoraion Swedish Design Award 2018
Nominated to "The Designer of the Year 2017" by Årets Rum
Awarded by "Smålands & Ölands Gastronomiska Akademi" for "Enastående insatser inom mat & design"
Nominated for the Aluminium Award 2016, Design S by Svebnsk Form
Winner of “The Bathroom Design of the year 2015” by Bad & Köksguiden

Muuuz International Award 2014: Winner
ELLE Decoration Swedish Design Awards 2014: “The product of the year for the set table”
ELLE Decoration Swedish Design Awards 2014: “The best bathroom product of the year”
Red Dot Design Award (Product Design): Winner 2013
Winner of “The Bathroom Design of the year 2013” by Bad & Köksguiden
Nominated to “Design company of the year” at Möbelriksdagen 2013
2x German Design Award Nominee 2013

Nominated to Design Strategy of the year 2012 by “Designregion Småland”
Swedish Design Award 2012 Nominee
DesignPlus 2012 at Ambiente
Residence Formpris 2011
Swecast Gjuteridesign 2008 First Prize
Designstafetten 2007
Core Design 2001

I.D. Design Review 1995
RCA Commendation 1994
Blanceflor-Bildt 1994
Marcus Wallenbergs Fond 1993
Finnupp 1983


I have never liked labels, or being limited by a title.
Form or function, engineer or designer, artist or entrepreneur.
I do not see contradictions.
What I see is the full spectrum that exists in-between.

Rather than expecting everyone to be cast in the same mould,
I see the humanistic aspect of diversity.
In my work, I put people first.

Open your eyes.
Design is about seeing the subtle things.
In shapes, colours and textures.
In how things work.

Design is about identifying values, needs and ambitions.
Finding the essence.
Creating a unique experience.
Products that embody a story.

I find it difficult to define my work by a single word.
So I invented a word of my own.
What do I do?

I humaneyes things.

The start of any project, is that of observing.
Identifying the underlining question.
Then to ask yourself: “What if …”



“Jesper Ståhl is a Swedish freelance designer with a Master’s in design from the Royal College of Art in London. His broad portfolio includes everything from tools and cutlery to furniture and lighting. He has received lots of awards and recognition, both nationally and internationally. Jesper is passionate about creating products that are poised between limitations and the user experience, that aim to highlight a personality and an expression — through collaboration, innovation and creativity. His work has a clear Scandinavian simplicity, often with a personal touch and a creative construction. These are designs that tell a story.”


“We love creating great products, and we use design to visualise our dedication to details. For us, design is not a final layer of the product development. Design is about involving creativity in the early stages, in how we ask the questions, how we seek for needs that urge for a new solution, in infusing a story in why and what we do. Design is indeed the result of the process, but even more so; how we choose to approach the process of creativity. Our close collaboration with Swedish designer Jesper Ståhl at Jesper Design has allowed us to develop a series of successful spotlights for the professional market. Together we have received lots of attention for our Scandinavian approach to simplicity, including design nominations and recently the grand award - Design S - Swedish Design Award.”


“Jesper Ståhl is a designer who embodies the fusion between the creativity of Småland and a Master of Design from Royal Collage of Art in London. … Jesper's design is characterised by an individual and distinct story, a focus on the use of the product, a consistent implementation with careful attention paid to the minute details, as well as an aim to express a pared-down simplicity… “


“Jesper's design is characterised by a personal story, an understanding of the use of a product, a consistency and simplicity of expression with care about the small details. Jesper is passionate about close dialogues with his clients, and in his widely diverse product areas, he collaborates with some of Scandinavia's most recognised brands. When it comes to furniture, of course, the designer's own personality and manner of expression are essential ingredients. This mindset has created products that are unique, timeless and clear in their design language - including high functionality…“


“Technically proficient and a stylistically confident, Jesper Ståhl is a designer that puts a focus on the use of a product, the process of production, and  a care for the details. Jesper has created numerous of products that received plenty of attention including international awards. His design has a typical Scandinavian simplicity, including work done for us in the waste bins Monolit and Minior, and most recently the Waterloo and Domino benches.”