Design House Stockholm
A design you can flip and fold to fit the need of the day.

The Flip table, launched and awarded in 2019, is now expanded from a table to a range of tables. From the original Flip 160 cm wide, we created an extra large version to accommodate for more people - as we all look forward to those long dinners with our loved ones all together.

Flip XL with its impressive 230 cm length is truly a sign of the times. By keeping the depth of 90 cm from the original Flip table, you can combine several tables of different sizes with the depth constant for even more people to join. As with Flip Original, flip it ones and you get a 60 cm deep space for work, flip it twice and you get a 30 cm sideboard.

We also looked the other way, towards the need for a really compact Flip table. Just like other sizes, we kept the magical depth of 30/60/90 cm and made a 90 cm wide table. Fully unfolded this gives you a perfect square table of 90x90 cm. Fold it together to is smallest size you get a neat 90x30 cm sideboard.
In all sizes Flip is a playful design of vertical and horizontal planes together with exposed hinges. A design you can flip and fold to fit the need of the day. Now in more size options.

Flip XL as follows. 230 cm long!

Flip down one side, flip down two sides, fold in the supports and choose your desired width: 90, 60 or 30 centimeters. A table that is actually three-in-one. The flexibility of Jesper Ståhl’s Flip Table gets even greater with the options of 3 different lengths. Use the Flip Table XS with a 90 centimeters width and length as a desk for work or a sideboard, making it perfectly square when fully unfolded. Opt for the Flip Table M in a 1,6-meter version for a larger setting. And go for the impressive Flip Table XL at 2,3 meter to use as a dinner table for eight, or for a larger space when at work. Flip Table is all about flexibility, a table that will cater to many different needs. Extra small, medium, or extra-large: Flip Table is always at hand ready to adapt for any kind of assignment and will furthermore be at hand for a new role with a change of house.  

’All Flip Tables have the same width and height so that they can play together, if necessary,’ says Jesper Ståhl, ’it is the change of width that allows for flexibility. Fold it down to a sculptural sideboard when you need floor space, fold it out to use as a table for work, and clear the space for the longest one when friends or relatives are coming over for lunch or dinner.’ Use several tables together for even more flexible use. Flip Table is made in strong MDF finished with an oak veneer, and with massive 30-millimeter solid oak along all sides for protection. The hinges are made of finely brushed metal, and the side supports can adjust in height on uneven floors.  

The idea to add both a short and a longer version was born already when the original Flip Table was launched at the furniture fair in Milan 2019, when Jesper Ståhl saw it in use. ’This is a table for life,’ exclaims Anders Färdig, founder of Design House Stockholm, ’it can be used as a dining table, a desk when folded once, or a sculptural sideboard when folded twice.’  

Flexibility in interior architecture is more than adding space when the home office needs to be folded out; it is all about reconfiguring space both at home, in a restaurant, or at work. Furniture like Flip Table creates new potential in how to live and enjoy, without the need of additional furniture to be stacked away. Note how the parts interplay in orientation and direction creating an interesting composition of planes for each position. Just flip it close or flip it open to the desired width meeting the needs of the day.  

Find out more about the original Flip Table project here. Launched 2019. Awarded 2019.