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”The best design of the year: Flip by Jesper Ståhl for Design House Stockholm."
Thank you!

Winner - best the design of the year 2019: Flip Table by Jesper Ståhl for Design House Stockholm is awarded best design of the year 2019 by Plaza - with the motivation as follows: “Flip Table is in many ways the perfect table. It is not one table, but three. Depending on how you use the 14 hinges, it can be a dining table, a desk or a sideboard - all with different characteristics. A table to live with for a long time! "

Launched at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2019, Flip Table already got a fair share of attention. Three sizes in one; A small sideboard, a work desk or a full size Dinner table. Just flip it!

Text from launch event:

With the Flip Table, Jesper Ståhl solves a common problem for those who live insmall homes. It’s not one table, but three: a dining table, desk and sideboard. Butwho buys all three these days? Finding a solution was a challenge that took a lot ofexperimentation, and 14 hinges! Its composition gives the table a different aspect,depending on how it’s set up. It folds lengthways to create three different sizes.The legs fold behind each other and part of the table top folds upwards while aside folds down, forming different surfaces which provide character and multiple uses.It can be used as a dining table for six, a desk when folded once, or a sculpturalside table when folded twice. There are no loose parts; instead the 14 hinges thatadorn every side provide the solution.“I already had the basic idea from the first sketches I drew and didn’t let it gountil I was 100 per cent satisfied,” says Jesper. “What’s special about Design HouseStockholm is that they are able to see my idea and take my vision in front of them,and move it forwards into production.“The table fits into lots of different environments and I would love to have onein my home,” says Jasper. “It was a clear choice for Design House Stockholm, atimeless piece of furniture that solves an urban problem,” says Anders F rdig. “It’snot always easy for a piece of furniture to manage several functions in one and still be a good piece, it can feel contrived, but this table adds something to everysituation.”

As a special version of the Flip table, we made a Color Accent project using the colour palette of Karin & Carl Larsson.
Find out more about this special Color Accent project hereincluding a film...