Nudient Cases 2020

“The most precise Iphone cases available.
Thin, tactile & minimalistic. Subtle & bold colours.
The case I been looking for myself.”

Iphone cases for Nudient. It started December 2019, a phone call asking for advice, that soon became so much more. Maybe it actually started some 30 years ago as I bought my first Mac computer. I was studying engineering and got this fantastic tool with which I could express myself, combine my interest in photography, typography, design, art and computers. Tickling my creativity. Since then Apple has a special place for my. When Apple much later launched iPhone, of course I bought the very first edition.

Back to that initial question in december, from the team behind the brand Nudient. Since then we have been working closely to create the most thin and precise design, adding features as an inside felt, integrated magnets, at the same time reducing clutter, keeping the case minimalistic. Defining matching colors, a tactile matte texture etc - working closely with production in order to get the result we wanted. I have been defining the 3d design in full detail, I created the product images, all with a relentless focus on the result. Focusing on the essential. It has been a true collaboration between the brand, producers and myself. Explore the result , not to forget the accessory wallet that neatly find its place on the back.

Each phone comes with a hidden inside message, something only to been seen by the owner. Sometimes design, and life, is about your own satisfaction of knowing what is inside, not necessarily visible to everyone. Focus on the essential. Do good. Go further.

As Apple fully busy delivering Iphone 12 in all version and sizes, so are Nudient with all new cases. The cases dubbed v3 is made also for Iphone 12, with Nudient Magnets and fully compatible with Apple Magsafe. Nudient is a young Swedish brand focusing on accessories for the smartphone markets, with a Scandinavian Touch. All v3 designed by yours truly, already featured in Macworld UK, Vouge and Forbes. And counting. 16 versions of Iphones, 7 colours, 2 Leather wallets. Explore more at
Exceeding all expectations…

A few month after the iPhone release we launched the case also in Samsung models. See below animation...