Vedum 2020
”The name Anno is significant, we aimed for a classic design but we did not want to state a specific time period. After all, being classic is subjective. Anno with no specific year - is timeless.”

Anno took two years from the identified need and the first sketch, via visualisations, models, material research and selection, detail design, engineering, sourcing of details, adaptions for production, photography and documentation to day of launch. Designing a bathroom is very much a cooperation between the designers vision, production efficiency and the identified market need. Top that with a focused market communication and you get the need for coordination and close collaboration.

Jesper and Vedum has been working together for 12 years, creating long term classics along with award winning concepts in for example Flow, Day, Mezzo, Free and Art. Anno was launched February 2020. A great start of yet another chapter.

We made a film to tell the story, see below. In Swedish.
There is also a dedicated website for this project, check it out at