Design House Stockholm
“Design you can see, feel and taste. It’s all about balance.”

A set of cutleries; Spoon, fork, and knife - all in multiple sizes. Together they fit perfectly in hand as well as before the eyes. It is all about balance, according to Jesper Ståhl who claims that cutlery is one of the most intimate designs one can create. ’You hold it, you put it in your mouth, you almost taste it, it highlights every meal served. And isn’t good design supposed to be invisible; it should just be there.’ Jesper Ståhl is all into Dieter Rahms when it comes to fusing aesthetics with functionality.’ Stockholm Two will join Jesper Ståhl’s cutlery and kitchen tool collection Stockholm in the same quest for perfection. Visually strong, emotionally pleasing, and with tactile qualities that makes them right for any table. ‘The secret is to simplify and reduce, exploring the essence of a design, finding the very moment when the function and the poetry of form becomes inseparable.’

Each piece made in high quality solid stainless steel, sports an individual expression that will blend in and highlight accompanying tableware. Jesper Ståhl has focused on the convex form and rounded flowing shapes to ensures that the reflections and the shine will further enhance the three-dimensionality of Stockholm Two. ‘Isn’t the design of cutlery and kitchen tools the ultimate design project?’ Jesper Ståhl wonders, ’Stockholm Two is visually strong with the right balance of emotional and tactile qualities, a collection of everyday jewellery.’