Internal 2021
Using you body memory for repeating actions and an overview of essential settings.

I am intrigued by interfaces, the interaction between technology and man. Especially so physical interfaces. Assigning movements, the acts of flipping a switch, rotating knobs or even sliding controls. All assigned specific and functions. Making complex actions simple and intuitive to understand and easy to find and use. It could be as simple as the action of how to place light switches on a wall - to how to control a complex virtual 3d application moving and tuning things. Using you body memory for repeating actions and tunings and a simple overview of essential settings. To streamline you workflow and to offer unprecedented control in tuning multiple settings without clicking through virtual menus and having multiple windows open. Designed to make you focus on the result of the process, giving you a physical control of your creativity.

The Viz Modulator project is an exploration in creating physical device to sidekick your keyboard for people working with 3d visualisation application such as Keyshot. Making complex actions directly available by a flip switch och turning knob. A small display showing the users a heads up display of render settings and status. Camera settings and sliding touch controls front and center, render settings on top, Camera position control with main knob on the right. Sculpted cooling fence on far left. A shit key to offer alternative function to main controls, and finally on top right keys to easily send that render command or adding to a render queue. A unit coordinated with to your keyboard, to be place just between keyboard and screen.