Lystra 2020
“The golden proportions, curvature surface design solidified in cast aluminium. Linear and accent lighting. Design worthy the runway.”

When designing Runway, we took an holistic approach, starting from the effect of lighting by creating a family of both linear lighting - creating general light, and spotlights - creating accent lighting. Tying it all together with the golden proportions, curvatures and connectivity. Design worthy the attention of a fashion runway. 

The golden proportion has long been used by architects, designers and artists alike. It is all about the use of well proportioned parts, all relating to one another according the mathematics of the golden section. Creating rhythm and balance. We used this in creating sizes, shapes and parts, also introducing a generous concave curvature, softly blending the form from one end to another. Curvatures are not one set radius, but rather a continuous change of form, creating a soft form transition.

We are indeed talking about cylindrical spotlights and housing for linear lighting with end-caps, but we designed it with the attention to details of an artist, choreographed like the work of a fashion set designer. And, yes, we also added technology in making each unit communicate wireless to each other and dubbed it Runway Connect, because we believe communication is the next big thing in lighting solutions.