Design House Stockholm
"A sofa to climb up in the corner, like a birds nest. On the borderline between home and contract market”

Nest för Design House Stockholm - möbeln som sina väl definierade rundade former, raka ytor och distinkt sömnad överbryggar det traditionella definitionen vad som är hem- eller offentlig miljö. En soffa respektive en fåtölj som lyfter fram sömnaden som en del av sin karaktär, som tål att betraktas från alla dess sidor. En möbel att krypa upp i hörnet av. Som en fågel i sitt näste.

Nest — a sofa and an easy chair that are equally comfortable at home as in the office. The comfortable and the formal — two expressions or extremes that are not easily combined. Yet it is precisely this duality that contemporary furniture needs to display. But the main reason Nest has a place in Design House Stockholm’s new collection is that the time is right for the straightforward, somewhat higher, and seemingly uncomplicated sofa and easy chair. Everything goes in cycles and it may well be that the low, shapeless sofa that one cheerfully throws oneself into, but rises from only with considerable difficulty, no longer corresponds to our own era’s attitude to sitting comfortably and stylishly. Nest certainly does. It is high off the ground, enabling one to sit elegantly and its back embraces the entire family. The absence of cushions creates a focus on the sofa’s profile and its stitching. If we want to find the sofa’s origins we need to look at the details. “I wanted to design a sofa with an inviting corner that one can creep up in, almost like a bird in a nest,” Jesper Ståhl explains. “But it was important that the sofa should look good from all directions and that is why it slopes and is rounded towards the bottom.”Thanks to its details, Nest has become a visually lighter item of furniture. With its strong pine frame, its upholstery that can sustain more than 100, 000 on the Martindale rubbing test (where 35, 000 Martindale is considered fully adequate for use in public spaces) and its generous height above the floor making it easy to vacuum clean, it is clearly well designed in the full sense of the word. The secrets of success“Nest is an ordinary sofa, but a very good one,” Design House Stockholm’s managing director Anders Färdig sums it up. “We don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time that a designer puts pen to paper. Rather the reverse.” “A good designer understands what works and what does not work, as well as the cost of production,” Nest’s designer Jesper Ståhl maintains. Not a quotation that might have been taken from a manifesto but, rather, an informed statement of the situation. This is how things are, both Anders Färdig and Jesper Ståhl seem to mean. And one might add that where the designer has both skill and expertise the result is generally successful. /Daniel Golling