Various 2000-2010
"Graphic design, identity, printed matters, strategy, branding, packaging and digital media. All with focus on design."

About graphic design and corporate identities.
I was early in understanding the power and precision of making graphics on the computer.
I bought a Mac SE/30 in 1988 and found a tool that could harness my creativity.
When starting Jesper Design in 1997, I continued to work with graphics as a side part from my focus on products.

With a sensitive eye, a clear vision and a curiosity of what is possible, I found an edge.
I refined the craft, got more and more to do and started build a team, with Mattias in 2000.
Find below some fragments of work between 2000-2010.

Exploring possibilities, gaining a momentum.
Always with the driving force curiosity.
Many stories to be told, from early mornings in an apple valley to late nights in Milan.

Then deciding to focus on the essential, where the passion was.
Resetting the goal to my what I find most rewarding.
Finding out that closing one doors opens others.