Voice 2005
"Inspired by a ballerina”

I decided to create a chair (surprise)I wanted to make it out of wood, with the light expression often found inmodern stackable metal chairs.

I took my inspiration from the balett dancerto create a chair that stands on its toes.A distinct curve giving its visual tension.

Like a modern classic I named it Bodoni.

With Bodoni, we wanted to create a traditional wooden chair but in a new way, a chair that has the visual lightness of a thin metal tube chair. A chair with its front legs that seem to be standing on its toe, with generous comfortable backrest and a formed seat. A chair that works great as solitaire but even better in a row where the curve of the back becomes a flowing wave. Like the typeface Bodoni it is a modern classic, flexible enough to work in various situations, for the home and contract market.