“A snow landscape, a candle holder in machined aluminium"

With Snowscape, we want to create a unique product that reflects the knowledge of the producer and brand SMD Design, and their ability to machine and form aluminum. The result is a candle holder milled from a piece of solid aluminum sheet. It has a gently sand blasted surface but otherwise untreated, all to highlight the unique qualities of the aluminum and the precision of the production process. The storytelling that the candle holder communicates is the fascination for maps, topology and the sweeping Swedish winter landscape. Soft yet solid hard, cold but warm. The light from the candles creates reflections and highlights on the surface and edges of the aluminum. This is what happens when you allow passion, playfulness and creativity to meet industrial production and the sense of a material. Snowscape is designed by Jesper Ståhl for SMD Design in Reftele, Sweden, launched in 2018.