”Ii is all about the magic proportions of the A format such as A4. A nod to the award winning No. 216 from ten years ago.”

Ten years ago I designed a cupboard called No. 216. A green piece of furniture with a story of the A-format, where each size from A0 to A8 is half the size of the previous one. The mathematics of the square root of 2. Poetic and practical, it is also the perfect proportions behind the paper formats. It was time to revisit this line of thought, so I  designed a smaller, more practical size of the sideboard. More playful in the composition of each A-size of door, drawer or open space. Adding a marble top and a new updated softer colour. Still green of course.

Ok, lets end with a couple of images of the original No.216 in the full A0 format:
Awarded by Residence Magazine as the storage design of the year 2011.
Nominated by German Design Award 2013.
Winner of Muuuz International Design Award 2014.