“Mocca, inspired by a cup of coffee,

Mocca is a series of spotlights for the demanding context of shops, exhibitions and fairs. The context where long-term quality, ease of use and the quality of the light itself is vital. Mocca is a high efficiency LED spotlight with an all integrated cast aluminum body. With Mocca, we wanted to create an all-in-one spotlight that accommodates the Led chip, reflector, anti-glare, electronic driver, passive cooling and rotational joints for flexible rotation and angle adjustment - all packaged in a solid and visually simple design. It is based on a classic cylinder, but with its own personality. With its inspiration from the ear on a cup of coffee, Mocca embodies a combination of technology and poetic expression. The slit in the center and the holes on the back creates an airflow that together with the aluminum structure itself removes the heat from the critical LED chip. Through its discreet but simple simplicity, Mocca melts into its environment and is able to be repeated as a number of spotlights in a row - a design created for real needs and market preferences. Design that creates long term solutions. Exactly the challenge we love as industrial designers.

“Mocca - the all-in-one cylindrical solution. Mocca is our interpretation of an all integrated cylindrical spot- light. the cooling is passive, being all silent, by allowing cold air to flow from the middle of the cylinder and out in the back. By choosing Mocca you will get a unclut- tered environment focusing on the essential:the simplicity of the spotlight and the effect of the light. Developed and produced in sweden”. LED-spotlight with passive cooling system. Die cast aluminium body, powder coat painted. Integral heatsink. Integral premium driver.
Low ripple output current <4% to assure camera and scanner friendly performance. rotation 365°. Vertical adjustment 0-90°. track mounted with 3-circuit adapter.


For Mocca we got awarded as the winner of Design S - Swedish Design Awards by Svensk Form.Thanks.