“Protection, tactility and attitude. For your Airpods Case.”

Expanding the Bold concept, let us present AirPods Bold. Protect not only your phone but also your AirPods - with a Bold case. Following the design of the Bold case for the iPhone, this case has the same playfully uneven concave grooves and the bold colour range, adding both protection and attitude. And a practical hook…

After a successful launch of the Bold concept for Iphone, we set our attention to the Airpods case. We wanted to create an extra layer of protection also for the AirPods, we wanted to align with the style and identity of the phone cases and add the tactile feeling of the surface also to the AirPods. As a practical detail, we also wanted to add a hook. Putting the same attention to details as with the phones, we created AirPods Bold by Nudient. 
Now launching for the full range of Airpods from Apple, from gen 1&2 to Pro and to the recently launched gen 3. Available in the complete colour range of the phone cases. Airpods Bold - the perfect companion.